Our own projects
With our extensive experience in product development and a appropriate team, we are able to develop our own products.
Our AI-Assistant Purifier integrates in the computer like a virtual camera and enhances user experience during video calls.

It improves sound quality, removes extraneous noise, reduces aberrations. It also replaces the real background that you would not want to show with a virtual one, including a custom-made background with your company logo. The solution improves the user experience dramatically, since the participants of the meeting will neither be interrupted by the noise of the neighbour's repairs or the dog's barking, nor be embarrassed by the inappropriate background behind their back.

The module processes video stream before it enters Skype, Zoom and any other video communication or streaming tool. One more advantage of our solution is that in contrast to the competitors it works even on the low-maintenance machines (office laptops), thus allowing to expand the number of potential users.

The current version of Purifier provides two core functions: noise filtering and background replacement.
Where are we going to?
  • Demonstration of slide decks in place of the virtual background;
  • Creating your own, unique virtual background and activating it at a click of a button;
  • Drawing with gestures;
  • Recording and storing of the meetings;
  • Tagging and automatic minutes taking;
  • AR Emoji:
Status: Beta version for Mac OS.

Makeup transfer
Every girl has the makeup that suits her the most. With our solution, girls will be able to recreate the specific makeup they want in their photos. The technology allows you to take a photo with your most successful makeup or use a photo of a star or model's makeup and transfer it to your photos. We create an individual mask based on the desired makeup and transfer it to your photos.

The technology is currently under development. In order to try it out conveniently, we created a demo where you can upload your photo, the system will find in the database three people with a similar type of face, whose makeup will compliment you, and will transfer the makeup to your photos, presenting three makeup options.

Where are we going to?
  • An individual mask for each user;
  • Nobody notices that the photo has been processed;
  • A mask is created and applied in one click;
  • In the future the mask will be applied in video ;
Status: The prototype version is available