Data Science studio
AI-based software development. Machine Learning & Computer Vision
We develop AI-powered software
...that makes people and businesses to achieve more
Products made by our team give use cutting-edge technologies and equip our customers with strong market advantages. Some of our own solutions received "Product of the day" award at
Product-oriented approach
We love to create new digital products rather then just computer code. We care to develop something that will create value to it's users and win their love. Let us know if you thinking about trusting managing development of your product to someone passionate and competent. Our product managers will help you to achieve best market fit.
Established in 2017
...we are still young and enthusiastic but quite experienced
While people are talking about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision for a few decades now, the real adoption of these technologies started only after 2010. Anyone with 5+ experience is a senior in this industry.
Enabling business to achieve with Artificial Intelligence our mission
Artificial Intelligence has multi-trillion dollars potential in various industries allowing business to obtain tools for automating wide range of human operations or bring existing automation to new level. AI approach for process automation allows companies and people to free more time and resource for creativity that has way more impact on making our world a better place than routine operations.
We offer
Smart Data Science outstaffing
Hire a whole Data Science team for the cost of one inhouse or freelance engineer to boost your project and save on recruitment
Data Science software development outsourcing
Outsource specific R&D or software development tasks to professional team at T&M or fixed price terms
Full-stack AI-product development
Let our team develop your product from any stage and take care of R&D, ML engineereng, back-end, front-end and product management

Key 3 reasons to build your AI-product with us

Our product-oriented approach
We care for the value created by AI-products we develop and we know how to manage R&D and software development process to obtain best result on every dollar of investment. We can provide an experienced product manager to work on your idea. He will help you make the best result out of your budget or stop your loss if your product is not fitting target market.
We can manage your product
Besides Data Science works, making a good standalone AI-product requires you to have a whole team that includes professionals for backend, frontend, devops, UI/UX design. Depending on your project requirements and complexity we can provide you with most of professionals to deploy your product sooner.
Our experience
AI industry is very young. Only few years have passed since small and midsize business can afford machine learning technologies. We have started in 2017 and it's a very long way for this newest industry. There are number of successfull projects that we have accomplished and learned a lot about what works well and what doesn't. See our portfolio to learn more.
Cooperation steps
Learn & analyze
First we listen to our customer and ask questions to understand customers requirements, expectations from the end product. Analyzing technical complexity of product and estimating amount of skill, experience and time required to deliver result.
Feedback and quote
We provide our estimation of time, required IT-roles, number of professionals and hourly rate for fulfilling the project and suggest project to project-to-stage breakdown scheme. We can quote both in hourly rates and fixed prices for specific tasks.
Upon reaching an agreement, we prepare contract that along with scope of work describes rates, deadlines, penalties, billing and other terms and assign project team.
A kick-off meeting with customer representatives sets priorities, communication paths and frequency. Any initial data, samples, and previous stage artefacts, APIs are handed off to the contractor at this stage.
Data preparation, R&D and software development stage. Normally customer receives weekly reports on progress unless additional information or customer decisions are needed sooner.
Acceptance & billing
Each project stage results are being presented to customer at online meeting. Reviewing customer's notices and answering questions. This stage is normaly repeated for the number of stages in the project. Normally we bill customer on a weekly basis if we work on hourly rate basis without fixed scope. In case we agreed on fixed price for the defined scope of work, billing period normally equals to one stage. Billing terms are negotiatable.
Intellectual property and source code transfer
Once the project scope is delivered and accepted, intellectual property rights for the product is formally transfered to customer to secure his investment computer source code is transferred to new owner. Project team released for other projects unless project is extended or new stages are added. Congratulations to happy owner of cutting-edge digital product.


Projects we delivered for our customers
Our management
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make science and technology work for our clients
  • Maxim Savchenko
    10+ years of successful startup and product launch. 5+ years of leading R&D in Machine learning. Startup mentor. Venture capitalist.

    Maxim defines strategy, beliefs and values of VisionSystems' team. Acts as a great source of energy and great ideas for the business.

  • Roman Steinberg, Ph.D.
    20+ years in software engineering, 10+ in Data Science. Regional Data Science community leader and popular speaker.

    Roman makes sure that VisionSystem stays on the edge of technology all time and finds best techical approach for customer projects.
  • Alexander Ponomarev
    14 years in process, project, people management and logistics. Delivered projects for TOTAL Energy, Bosch, OBI, Hyndai and large FMCD brands.

    Alexander takes care for all company operations running smoothly while delivering highest quality and meeting deadlines. Besides, he is great bachata dancer.
  • Artem Nyukhalov
    Head of Business Development
    15+ years driving managing products, partneerships and teams at Microsoft, Huawei and software distributor.
    Artem makes sure our customers find their way to VisionSystem's expertise, obtain good understanding of what Artificial Intelligence can do for to boost their business.
  • Evgenia Kuznetsova
    Marketing manager
    Evgenia loves communicating to people and help them understand things. She takes care of VisionSystem's mass and personal communication with clients and parnters making sure they have clear view of the opportunities for their business with AI technologies and VisionSystems skills.
  • Igor Khoruzhiy
    Head of research & development
    20+ years in software engineering. Java, Python, C++

Production team skills & experience

Tasks delivered
#ComputerVision: face detection and verification, digits recognition, currency (banknotes) recognition, background removal & blurring, emotion recognition, pose analysis, including gesture recognition & tracking, price-tags classification and gaze tracking.

noise filtering, audio commands recognition, pause recognition.

Classic ML #classification and regression tasks:
code repositories rating, application forms rating.

Natural language processing (#NLP):
NER, text classification, text generation, keyword detection.

E-commerce #RecommendationSystems, forecasting.
ML algorithms applied
GAN, multiclass and multilabel classification, object detection, regressions, semantic segmentation, anomaly detection.
Frameworks & libraries
Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet, Keras, OpenCV, Deep Pavlov, Hugging Face, Spacy, XGBoost, catboost, scikit-learn, statsmodels, numpy, pandas, pytest, matplotlib.
Programming Languages
Python, C++ (clang++, g++, MS C++), C, C#, Javascript
Back-end technologies
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, ffmpeg, PyQt, Flask.
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
+1 646-247-6729