Our own projects
With our extensive experience in product development and a appropriate team, we are able to develop our own products.
Makeup transfer
The application, that enables girl to photo her faces with the attractive makeup. Based on this photo the application produces an indidvidual mask, that then is used as a tool for photo processing.

Where are we going to?
  • An indidvidual mask for each user;
  • Nobody notices the photo is processed;
  • A mask is created and applied in one click;
  • In the future applying mask in video ;
Our approach is focusing on the creation personal AI masks, based on user's unique style and his face features.

Status: prototype technology is available
A Module that integrates in the computer as virtual camera and improves user's experience of remote communications. The module processes video stream before it enters Skype, Zoom and any other video communication or streaming tool.
In the first version a background cleaning and noise filtering are available.

Where are we going to?
  • The product focuses on video stream processing and sound quality improvement. It enables consistent usage in all video conferencing tools.
  • Product functionality will be expanded so that the user can get boxed product, enabling maximal on-spot video stream improvements. For instance, presentation mode when virtual background is used, an adjustment of sight direction to a camera; light makeup beauty filter, appropriate for conferences with colleagues.
Status: A technical alpha version is available. Public version release early 2021
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