Our work process
of creating AI-powered software development process
How It Works
Learn & analyze
First we listen to our customer and ask questions to understand customers requirements, expectations from the end product. Analyzing technical complexity of product and estimating amount of skill, experience and time required to deliver result.
Feedback and quote
We provide our estimation of time, required IT-roles, number of professionals and hourly rate for fulfilling the project and suggest project to project-to-stage breakdown scheme. We can quote both in hourly rates and fixed prices for specific tasks.
Upon reaching an agreement, we prepare contract that along with scope of work describes rates, deadlines, penalties, billing and other terms and assign project team.
A kick-off meeting with customer representatives sets priorities, communication paths and frequency. Any initial data, samples, and previous stage artefacts, APIs are handed off to the contractor at this stage.
Data preparation, R&D and software development stage. Normally customer receives weekly reports on progress unless additional information or customer decisions are needed sooner.
Acceptance & billing
Each project stage results are being presented to customer at online meeting. Reviewing customer's notices and answering questions. This stage is normaly repeated for the number of stages in the project. Normally we bill customer on a weekly basis if we work on hourly rate basis without fixed scope. In case we agreed on fixed price for the defined scope of work, billing period normally equals to one stage. Billing terms are negotiatable.
Intellectual property and source code transfer
Once the project scope is delivered and accepted, intellectual property rights for the product is formally transfered to customer to secure his investment computer source code is transferred to new owner. Project team released for other projects unless project is extended or new stages are added. Congratulations to happy owner of cutting-edge digital product.