VisionSystems team
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make science and technology work for our clients
Maxim Savchenko
10+ years of successful startup and product launch. 5+ years of leading R&D in Machine learning. Startup mentor. Venture capitalist.

Maxim defines strategy, beliefs and values of VisionSystems' team. Acts as a great source of energy and great ideas for the business.

Roman Steinberg, Ph.D.
20+ years in software engineering, 10+ in Data Science. Regional Data Science community leader and popular speaker.

Roman makes sure that VisionSystem stays on the edge of technology all time and finds best techical approach for customer projects.
Alexander Ponomarev
14 years in process, project, people and logistics. Delivered projects for TOTAL Energy, Bosch, OBI, Hyndai and large FMCD brands.

Alexander takes care for all company operations running smoothly while delivering highest quality and meeting deadlines. Besides, he is great bachata dancer.
Artem Nyukhalov
Head of Business Development
15+ years driving managing products, partneerships and teams at Microsoft, Huawei and software distributor.
Artem makes sure our customers find their way to VisionSystem's expertise, obtain good understanding of what Artificial Intelligence can do for to boost their business.
Evgenia Kuznetsova
Marketing manager
Evgenia loves communicating to people and help them understand things. She takes care of VisionSystem's mass and personal communication with clients and parnters making sure they have clear view of the opportunities for their business with AI technologies and VisionSystems skills.
Igor Khoruzhiy
Head of research & development
20+ years in software engineering. Java, Python, C++

Production team skills & experience

Tasks delivered
#ComputerVision: face detection and verification, digits recognition, currency (banknotes) recognition, background removal & blurring, emotion recognition, pose analysis, including gesture recognition & tracking, price-tags classification and gaze tracking.

noise filtering, audio commands recognition, pause recognition.

Classic ML #classification and regression tasks:
code repositories rating, application forms rating.

Natural language processing (#NLP):
NER, text classification, text generation, keyword detection.

E-commerce #RecommendationSystems, forecasting.
ML algorythms applied
GAN, multiclass and multilabel classification, object detection, regressions, semantic segmentation, anomaly detection.
Frameworks & libraries
Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet, Keras, OpenCV, Deep Pavlov, Hugging Face, Spacy, XGBoost, catboost, scikit-learn, statsmodels, numpy, pandas, pytest, matplotlib.
Programming Languages
Python, C++ (clang++, g++, MS C++), C, C#, Javascript
Back-end technologies
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, ffmpeg, PyQt, Flask.