Data Science studio
AI-based software development. Machine learning & Computer Vision
We develop AI-powered software
...that makes people and businesses to achive more
Products made by our team give use cutting-edge technologies and equip our customers with strong market advantages. Some of our own solutions awarded "product of the day" at
Product-oriented approach
We love to create new digital products rather then just computer code. We care to develop something that will create value to it's users and win their love. Let us know if you thinking about trusting managing development of your product to someone passionate and competent. Our product managers will help you to
Established in 2017
...we are still young and enthusiastic but quite experienced
While people are talking Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision for a few decades now, the real adoption of these technologies started only after 2010. Anyone with 5+ experience is a senior in this industry.
Enabling business to achieve with Artificial Intelligence our mission
Artificial Intelligence has multi-trillion dollars potential in various industries allowing business to obtain tools for automaiting wide range of human operations or bring existing automation to new level. AI approach for process automation allows companies and people to free more resource and time for creativity has way more impact on making our world a better place then routine.

Key 3 reasons to build your AI-product with us

Our product-oriented approach
We care for the value created by AI-products we develop and we know how to manage R&D and software development process to obtain best result on every dollar of investment. If you wish we can provide an experienced product manager for your idea. He will help you make the best result out of your budget or help you stop your loss if your product is not fitting targeted market.
We can manage your product
Besides Data Science works, making a good standalone AI-product requires you to have a whole team that includes professionals for backend, frontend, devops, UI/UX design. Depending on your project requirements and compexity we can supply you with most of professionals to deploy your product sooner.
Our experience
AI industry is very young. Only few years have passed since small and midsize business can afford machine learning technologies. We have started in 2017 and it's a very long way for this newest industry. There are number of successfull projects that we have accomplished and learned a lot about what works good and what does not. See our portfolio to learn more.